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70% of Moroccans are Net surfers, of which more than 5 Million are present in the Facebook social network. Since its launching, Facebook did not cease taking its place in the virtual world, encouraging companies to include it among their communication channels.

Facebook became an essential mass media and companies, that take part of it, are in continuous competition to attract, retain and engage the maximum of Net surfers.  A Mass Media that our web agency helps you to take advantage of with innovative & efficient solutions.

A customized Facebook Application

Our web agency conceives creative and unique facebook applications that fit your needs perfectly. Recruit more Net surfers and engage them to your products and services while placing at their disposal the most creative and powerful Facebook applications!

Our offers vary according to your needs, reason for which our communication agency specializes in these 3 types of applications:

  • Games contest: The quizzes on Facebook are essential tools to recruit and engage more Net surfers! Take advantage of our offer of personalized and carefully developed games contests that meet your exact needs.
  • Social Gaming: Social Gaming is an additional tool to your presence strategy in the Social networks. It refers to the online games allowing interactions between Net surfers, by the means of Social networks.  Get your creative Facebook game that will fit your needs.
  • Facebook authentification on your Website: Dominate the social Web with the automatic authentification over your website with Facebook information of the visitor. Direct the traffic of your Web site to your Facebook account!
So what are you waiting for to entrust your company to our communication’s Team expertise?

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