Why should you have a website?

At the era of information and knowledge society, where the transmutations are confusing, it is necessary that organizations, whatever their standard, have their own website. This insofar as the fabric is from now on the place, of search for products and services. In the same way, the existence of websites makes it possible for companies to keep eye on their competitors activities and thus to remain competitive and ensure its perpetuation. Moreover, the website is the perfect device to communicate and retain the real customers and a mechanism to transform those potential into obvious purchasers and thus to increase your average of customers.

Thus the website is set to be an unavoidable space to speak about it’s company, to put itself forward, and TO SELL! Keeping in mind that the website is the best tool to be efficiently noticed on the web

Responsive Design

The mobile market is in perpetual evolution, and your customers are increasingly mobile! Whether it’s checked from their Smartphones or tablets, thanks to websites with responsive design, your customers will be able visualize your Website as consulted on a computer!


of website should you go for?

The Web puts at the disposal of companies panoply of solutions and resources to assemble its own Website. However, it’s vital for every company to be present on a the web by choosing the type of Website that suits the company’s objectives, needs and web strategy. Our web agency develops powerful, creative and easy updated websites.

Which website should my company go for? And for which communication objective?

  • The window website: this is the first generation of Websites. The window website is a static website representing basic information relating to your company, such us: presentation, customer’s references, portfolio, contact, etc. This type requires few updates and aims to provide you with an online web.
  • The Community website: A Web site centered on the communication between Net surfers, while many features and services. There are also Community websites based primarily on Forums or Online games.
  • The catalogue website: contrary to the E-commerce website, the catalogue website is limited to presenting products without the possibility of online shopping or making transactions.
  • The institutional website: this type of websites conveys values and is mainly a must-have for public organizations. It aims conveying solemn speeches, informing, and allows looking after its reputation and brand image while highlighting the concept of commitment.
  • The event mini-website: this type of websites main mission is buzz creation and amplification. It is more adequate for particular actions f communication of types:  games, competitions, announcement of new products and promotions, while frequently incorporating a hidden ludic and/or humorous.


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